Alphie & Eve - Who we are

Alphie & Eve - Aley Greenblo & Steph KramerFounded in 2012 in a small Cafe in Bondi, Aley Greenblo and Steph Kramer created Alphie & Eve which has quickly become Australia’s go-to duo platform for fashion and lifestyle inspiration. Alphie & Eve combines the personal styles, works and influence of fashion bloggers Aley Greenblo (Tickled Pink) and Steph Kremer (watermeloncrush).

Our aim is to inspire and guide readers around the world through life’s moments, outfit posts, travel and the latest wish-lists; Alphie & Eve showcases our love of fashion and all things creative.

Alphie & Eve offers joined brand collaborations, resulting in twice the amount of traffic and exposure for our working partners. With previous campaigns involving everything from start up labels to larger scale shopping centre campaigns, everything is tailored to fit the client. Alphie & Eve offers the opportunity to showcase in two unique ways whilst simultaneously targeting two different niche markets.

The duo’s combined reach extends globally and traffic comes from a wide range of countries whilst the individual blogs target different age demographics, location and genders. As a team, Alphie & Eve offers the essential competitive advantage in the over-saturated blogger market that exists today – and is what makes us unique.

Steph is a creative souled Swedish ninja living in Sydney, Australia. watermeloncrush is her collective of life as a globe trotter, photographer, coffee addict, creative artist and a lover of all things beautiful – always free spirited and wild at heart.

Aley is a platform wearing shopaholic, legal nerd, fashion loving, haircut-hating, ring wearing, star gazing, beach addict from Sydney.


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